Project 1 Assignment A Teddy bears Picnic

This was a very interesting assignment where we got to pull together all that we had learned in the previous exercises into one still life. Taking into consideration how to portray the lines to describe the objects, the mediums to bring out the feeling of the piece, the tones to emphasis points of interest and most importantly, setting the mood boards up and taking inspiration … Continue reading Project 1 Assignment A Teddy bears Picnic

Artist Critique – Odilon Redon.

The French symbolist painter from the mid 19th century, Odilon Redon extensively made use of light and tone to emphasis the mood and atmosphere of his paintings As in this self portrait the light is very hard, casting a shadow over the whole opposite side of his face. The painter hasn’t even brought out some highlights of the other eye giving the painting a rather … Continue reading Artist Critique – Odilon Redon.