Pt 3, Pr 3, Ex 2 – Foreground, middle ground, background. Mixed media scene of Lymm Village. (in progress)


While I enjoyed the expansive landscape 360 sketches I did up Kinder Scout, I wanted to do a 360 degrees set of drawings that displayed a changing townscape. I went over to a nearby village called Lymm which had the perfect recipe of water, trees, old cottages and winding roads.

I took four 90 degree views of the village from the bottom of the road that runs over a lower dam before the road winds back up the banks and out of town. I also enjoyed sketching the original clock tower in the square. The town was cut into a lime stone cliff and the monument still had the original steps leading to the tower, complete with stocks! For this exercise I was going to utilise the layering technique I had developed using the water colour pencils/tissue paper/coloured pencil and pen, which is the reason I wanted a good scope of water/trees/buildings to test how far I could push the technique to describe the fore, middle and background.


After doing the panorama I took a wander round photographing various views to get more scope of the village.

The bottom right image was my favourite view which was a slightly different angle from the bottom left image of my sketches with the post box in it, so I milled around this spot to get the perfect angle.

IMG_3746 It was a view of the lower dam running under the road with a nice set of shops, foliage, water and an interesting snake of road. The balance of dark and light was a bit left side heavy but I felt there was enough scope to work with.

I caught some ducks on the dam which would be a possible point of interest, but I felt the water in the bottom left of the composition was lacking a bit of movement. Now I actually think that the ducks must have heard my thoughts, as, within 5 minuets of me thinking this two ducks decided to chase each other around in a circle creating a ripple affect which radiated out over the surface of the water and gave me the perfect point of interest I was looking for!


With this in place I set to sketching out the final piece.


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