Part 2, Assignment 2 – ‘One For The Road.’

bar grain detail.

One theme that I do like to explore is the idea of boarders, or taking the picture beyond the conventional square or rectangle canvas that we see so much in art. In this assignment I used a collage created from the bar I work at, representing a 360 degree panoramic using multiple viewpoint to create unbalanced perspective and some interesting scope of line and angle.

vertical crop

Deciding to do this piece in multi-media, I decided on water colour, pen, coloured pencil and conte stick. This took a bit of planning, and not knowing what the outlook would turn out to be, or whether it would work at all, I just went with the flow and let it speak for itself.

While taking a number of photos of the bar from all sorts of angles and distances, keeping an eye out for corners, angles and points of interest, I was able to compose a rather abstract point of view of the space. An almost panoramic guided tour of the room itself. From here I spent a few hours building up interesting layers and matching angles so that the whole piece had a flow to it. Taking the final collage and printing it out I was able to split it into 3 section. As the collage was very long and thin I thought it a good idea to split it over 3 A3 pages which I felt was very apt and fitting with the idea of fragmented space. It worked well, but I had to work out the ratios from the print out to the A3 sections and map out the individual lines of the cropped photos to give me a realistic template. From here I free handed the whole sketch before penning the lines in with permanent fine liners.

At this point I was still unsure where to take it, but once I had the template down it had an almost comic book feel to it with the different overlapping sections and exaggerated foreshortening due to the camera angles.

bar water colour working notes

Researching some techniques and planning the colour scheme took some time as my confidence grew with mixing colours and applying the watercolour. This must have influenced the way the style swayed and choosing the pencil over watercolour, darkened with biro fitted in nicely with the comic book feel.

bar water colour progression
work in progress, part finished

Although this worked nicely it was looking a little bland as my confidence with the watercolours was limited, so, looking a little closer to the detail of the pictures I started to notice the prominent grain in the tables, bar and floor.

This gave me a little more scope for interest and exaggerating the contours of the wood, I was able to introduce a little more depth and character to the picture, also adding to the intensity and drama it seem ed to bring the drawing to life. The clinical man made lines that dominated the view was set in contrast to the organic curves of the grained wood which I extended beyond the boarders to give it a life of it’s own.

Satisfied with the exaggerated lines, although a little stylised I felt it added to the dynamism of the atmosphere, fitting in with the whole comic book style and giving it a bit more intensity and disorientation.

First panel

I was a little limited with the amount of coloured pencils I had to hand, but with a little more work I could have highlighted it a little more,

Middle panel

but now that I’m a little more competent, I will use this style again with more careful depth to the watercolours and more pronounced highlights.

Final panel

However, with too many highlights on this piece I felt it would have looked a little to stylised and ‘plastic’. I think the dullness of the wood conveys the rustic atmosphere quite well. The only thing that bugged me when I put it all together way the large spaces of white at the bottom didn’t quite marry up which is something I’d have to be aware of next time.

The final drawing reminded me of that situation where it’s probably a good idea to go home now and not have that last drink for the road!



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