Part 2, Pt 3, Ex 2 – an interior.

Moving from the kitchen in the last exercise and deciding to do something a little different,  I took the interior of my garage and depict it in the dark using the idea of negative light to build up the tones and shadows. The idea behind this was to cast a high contrast of harsh light from underneath the old jeep in the middle of the space.


To do this was to exaggerated the atmosphere soI drew the jeep as if I were looking up from where the light source was placed on the floor, and by emphasising the foreshortening of the jeep giving the picture a more dramatic feel. Coupled with the high contrast of the dark and light tones I used coloured pencil on black paper with the highlights done with conte sticks and a bit of soft pastel to enhance the colour. I also positioned the jeep so that it filled most of the space on the paper and even ran off on the right hand side of the page.


Being relatively happy with the outcome, however in hindsight it would have been more effective on a larger scale with regards to the detail, and I could have spent a bit more time on sharpening up the background. I wanted to give the effect of the shapes fading into the distance and being swallowed up by the darkness.


Attempting to achieve a grainy effect to describe the worn character of the the jeep and extending it off the page gave it more of a heavy, almost dominant feel, adding to the striking nature of the composition.

It was sometimes difficult to achieve the highlights effectively, but it was interesting to work in this way, paying a lot of attention to the dynamic feel of the picture and exploring the ways that different points of view can drastically emphasise and heighten the atmosphere of a picture and literally pull the viewer into the page. Using foreshortening, extreme perspective, heightened viewpoints and heavy contrast can really make an image jump to life and I feel that it is more emotional, bold and interesting.


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